Turanbankda vakansiya


Institution: TuranBank OJSC
Department: Business Development
Division: International Relations 
Country: Azerbaijan
Location: 85 I. Gutgashinli, Baku AZ1073, HQ
Position: Manager
Salary: competitive salary + social package
JOB PURPOSE: This role is responsible for international relations of the Bank, reporting to IFI’s, monitoring of the Bank’s financials reported to IFI’s, organizing meetings with IFI’s, presenting the Bank at conferences and seminars, providing due diligence process with foreign partners KEY RESPONSIBILITIES: Developing the Bank’s international relations Providing monthly newsletters to the foreign partners Analysis the Bank’s and market demand on the special areas and find proper foreign partners Presenting the Bank in local and/or foreign meetings, seminars & conferences Actively coordinate the due diligence process with Bank and foreign partners Monthly monitoring the Bank’s commitments on agreements with foreign partners Monthly financial analysis of the Bank’s financials Reporting to IFI’s Analysis special areas such as MSME, syndicate loans, equity investment, mortgage programs, trade financing facilities and etc Coordinating on Advisory services the Bank receive and report on outcomes Travel to abroad Educational Qualification: Bachelor Degree + Master or MBA is preferable Language requirement: Mastering in English, additional languages are preferable Software requirement: MS Office pakage, particurlary in EXCEL Work Experience: 1-3 years (over 3 years preferable) *NOTE: candidates matching above criteria will be accepted only E-mail: [email protected]


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